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 With the people’s lifestyles turning dynamic, preferences are shifting from traditional kitchen setups to modular kitchens which are built understanding the needs of the customer. Likewise, the availability of systematic kitchens at affordable prices along with a warranty has helped in the expansion of the market. The competition in this market is very stiff as there are both domestic as well as international players.

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Modular Manufacturers in Baroda

Aryan home decor have the quality of modular kitchen manufacturers in  Baroda Gujarat IndiaAs the organization was small in nature the way in which they use to communicate to the customers was very much direct and traditional modular manufacturers in baroda. Only a few basic forms of marketing communication mix namely Word-of-mouth marketing and Personal selling were by the organisation.

In order to reach different architects and interior one of the ways decided to reach them was through direct mailers. So the journey of preparing the direct mailer started with what kind of direct mailer should we go forward? Many different concepts such as Flyers, Pop-ups, Envelops,
Pen case, Coffee mugs etc. were taken into consideration. After that oncepts were taken forward namely flyers, Pop-ups and envelope mails keeping in mind the level of impact from mailer and time & budget constraints.

The organization believed in the thought that good value or good experience in mind of customers is created by a combination of small things. This experience was enhanced through providing them 3D designs, giving them refreshments such as tea, coffee and cold drinks, helping them to find associations agencies that are related to interior designing and not directly related to them.

Initially, all the required materials such as plywood, laminates, adhesives, nails, locking wheels and door locks were purchased before starting the work. Firstly the plywood kitchen manufacturers in gujarat was marked and cut to the required sizes, once that was ready inside laminate has been cut and fixed with the help of fevicol. Because it is difficult to laminate inside once the outer frame is ready that the reason the inside lamination process was carried out modular manufacturers in baroda.

model of portable modular kitchen unit was manufactured to validate the usability, reachability, aesthetics, and ergonomics related issues. Manufacturability issues of the designed concept were also validated. The outcome of the product was shown to the targeted customers such as bachelors, teenagers, and working people to know their reaction and feedback related portable modular kitchen unit all these were taken place and documented for reference.

The traditional vessels used for cooking as well as for eating were made of clay, copper, brass and iron,. The South Indian homemakers used Ami and ural made of stone for grinding the ingredients instead of the electronic devices. The pre-preparation of ingredients involved a lot of skill in the manual labour which took the
homemaker’s time and energy say.

The fastest way to a modern kitchen is to go for a modular kitchen. The term `modular` means designing with standardized units and dimensions, for easy assembly, or flexible arrangement and use. They are made up of various modules, which are easy to use and shift or transport to other places kitchen manufacturers in Gujarat. In case of any damage, only a particular unit has to be repaired or replaced. Modular kitchens based on practical expediency is believed to have a style in unison with being comfortable and elegant. These kitchens emanate class,

household to assess the kitchen activities with the type of household and its size. Survey results revealed that, in general, households cook meals on a regular and frequent basis and entertain guests at home. The microwave oven takes a dominant place the cooking activities of most cooks. Households also possessed small appliances in their kitchens. Homemakers usually, perform non-cooking activities in the kitchen along with meal preparation throughout the day.

Women construct home through the kitchen by renegotiating the kitchen space to ensure that the kitchen and their central placement within it produces a ‘feeling’ of being ‘at home’. Women shape the architecture and design of the kitchen in terms of their own understandings of the discourses so efficiency and domesticity, and also through colour and decoration, to ‘make’ the kitchen, their home.

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capacity to do work is termed as energy .Women’s work demands a high degree of physical efforts leading to fatigue and frustration. Poorly designed kitchen induces improper posture, leading to operational uneasiness and strain while working. According to Farlex modular manufacturers in baroda, posture is defined as the position of the body and its limbs. It may also result in spine injury, stiffness in joints, ligaments and muscles thus enhancing the physical and psychological cost of work and fatigue. Fatigue is defined as physical.

kitchen tools as these tools were less hazardous, reduced physical efforts and body pain and were more convenient to use. Therefore, these modern tools were recommended over traditional methods or tools so as to minimize the strain of homemakers and to make them free from other profitable and useful jobs. Ergonomic principles establish a strong relationship between the work, worker and work environment.

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Types Of Modular Kitchen Design

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Layout
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen Layout
  • U-shaped Kitchen Layout
  • Straight Modular Kitchen
  • Island Modular Kitchen
  • Peninsula or G-shaped Kitchen Layout

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