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modular furniture(kitchen) is a skilled trade which involves making modular furniture for kitchen such askitchen furniture price , application of hardware etc. by using power or hand tools or both in accordance to supervisor instructions and client specifications. This would include studying design drawings, cutting ply board, laminates etc and assembling some parts of modular furniture kitchen furniture in vadodara.

knowledge of the different types of hardware and adhesives used in cabinet making. he should flexible in terms of adapting their style of work to different types of furniture design and have an inclination towards aesthetics kitchen furniture in vadodara . he should have good mathematical skills and have accuracy in measurement along with having good hand-eye coordination and being physically fit

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Aryan home decor have the quality of kitchen furniture price in Vadodara Baroda Gujarat India. one of the leading kitchen solution providers and pioneers of many technological advancements like auto clean chimneys and self-timer hobs brings to you convenient kitchen furniture in Vadodara, uniquely designed, elegant, and classy Modular Kitchens. Backed with a decade of experience and a dedicated team of creative and highly skilled designers and technicians, Kutchina visualizes your Kitchen through your eyes and makes it exactly the way you want it.

Scrolling through the pages of history, it amazes me how kitchens have evolved from a mere cooking place to the beauty of a home. The kitchen today has become a piece of art that adds to the charm of a home kitchen furniture in Vadodara a place of enjoyment and celebration; a place that defines the finesse and refined choice of the owner. This is why a stark kitchen is now getting molded into a stylish and state-of-the-art, technologically equipped, eloquently designed Modular kitchen – the center stage of the home.

We strongly believe that crafting a kitchen is a matter of balancing art and science properly kitchen furniture prices in Baroda, thus creating a beauty that makes kitchen times special with its elegance, space utilization and functionality. Flip through the pages of this catalogue to view a fascinating collection of kitchen art, an the ensemble of the very best that can go into your furniture prices in baroda, transforming it into a fantastically designed and elegantly convenient one.

It has been around for thousands of days and there will always be a way of making it even better: the kitchen. Because one needs to change to keep up with the times. Kutchina always manages to keep its finger on the so with practical innovations and unique design. Always with a focus on functionality Kutchina makes well a designed kitchen that reflects the individuality of the people who own them.

We offer customised kitchen, and we try to bring in the latest designs, latest accessories and appliances. We keep updating our designs as per latest global innovations to increase comfort, functionality and style statement. How are accessories important? They help to store and access kitchen items properly, also reducing the wastage of time and increasing ease of operation.

East quadrant is considered an auspicious location for the kitchen. In diagonal plots, the north quadrant location can pose threats on female members. West quadrant gives average results for kitchen, provided the kitchen is not over under the prayer room, bathroom or bedroom.

In this era of globalization, to keep pace with the fast-changing customer trends and requirements, we invest in a continuous R&D system. We’ve constantly raised our bar in the quality of products as well as infrastructure to provide most technologically advanced products that pre-empt the market demands. Our aim is to deliver complete satisfaction to our customers with excellent product quality and first furniture prices in Baroda.


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This Kitchen provides efficiency, a homely atmosphere a highly personal space. It expresses the metropolitan style in an exclusive way kitchen furniture prices in Gujarat. The open wooden blocks coupled with the combination of solid color and hard-wood grain laminate finish break the monotony kitchen furniture prices in Gujarat. The up & down over-head cabinets and the stainless steel panel in Counter Dado Area add to the grace of the kitchen.

With an effective use Of contrasting colors and design adapted to your lifestyle and cooking, Floriana is a subject of admiration kitchen furniture prices in Gujarat. Graced with a niche type box cabinet, back straight dado paneling, and inset color laminate, this beauty not only earns your kitchen compliments but also earns kitchen furniture prices in Gujarat.

Vittoria is focused on simple, yet exciting use of space, color, and texture, with an unmistakable sense of urban energy and artistic creativity kitchen price in India. The high-rise wood finish dado panel and wooden grain laminate with solid flat beige colour combination make your kitchen alluring. A design perfected with a splash of pattern, granting a personal character to the kitchen. Angelisa comes with a mesmerising red and white colour combination kitchen price in India. The multifunctional wall mounted cabinet not only makes cooking convenient but also adds to your pride.

When the contemporary won’t , so wow it with this modern kitchen! The soul of the kitchen is found in the linear characteristics. The kitchen cabinet with decorative lamination and base cabinet with steppes compliments the overhead cabinet stunningly. Architecture meets kitchen culture with cantilevered shelves and curvilinear handles kitchen price in India. The soothing pastel color combining with minimal use of lamination in the open boxes not only steals the show but also inspires the chef in you.

A design perfected with a splash of pattern, granting a personal character to the kitchen. If you desire purity of lines, then this kitchen is designed specially for you. The dark coloured dado panelling adds elegance to your kitchen and the placement of the breakfast table makes the kitchen unique and mesmerizing. Martina is an interesting concept that adds workspace in kitchen and can also be used as a dining area. In keeping with the open plan living, here we provide a central island for a more social experience kitchen price in india. The pastel colour brings every surface to life being a perfect complement to the glass units and granite worktops that ensure great visibility.



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