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The study has identified several barriers for the sensible application therefore the scenario for office furniture: financial risk for the service provider, difficult market conditions, no legislative pressure for and no interest in environmental improvements, adversarial characteristics of office furniture, organization’s resistance to change and the importance of fashion and design. The Master’s thesis concludes that the practical implementation of the developed PSS scenario will probably not lead to much success under


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SK Modular Kitchen have the quality of office furniture shop in Vadodara in  Baroda Gujarat India, The relevant literature on service concepts for furniture has identified product life extension services and remanufacturing/reuse of used furniture as promising strategies for the belief of closed-loop system material recycling in the office furniture industry. The problem is that no concept has yet been tested that would implement remanufacturing/reuse of furniture during a service package without conflicting with the most business goal of producers to sell as much furniture as possible.

The interviews revealed also that trends and fashion seem to influence the purchasing decision for office furniture significantly, which hinders the use of renting furniture over several decades when fashion and design have considerably changed. The last barrier describes the fact, that manufacturers as well as customers are used to certain business models and that the switch to a renting system for office furniture would therefore create resistance.

for adjustment would be that the manufacturer scales down his/her central production facility and builds up several decentralized service facilities close to his/her most important customer centers. Another possibility would be that manufacturers would enter partnerships with local service companies that could carry out different kinds of services supporting furniture renting office furniture in baroda. A second recognized problem, which required an adjustment of the original.

Especially in business-to-business relations there seem to be no straightforward argument that justifies the need for ownership. Furthermore, it seems that criticism of a service society is based on the resistance to furniture shop in india traditional business models, which was also recognized as a major barrier during this research. In addition, the Master’s thesis recognized that the importance of fashion in our society might constitute a central obstacle for sustainable development.

One idea to address this situation is to give companies with less capital the possibility to afford expensive high-quality furniture via leasing or renting schemes. The service provider, which would ideally be the manufacturer, can benefit from getting his furniture back because s/he can offer it again on the market. This concept looks promising in theory both from an environmental as well as economic point of view.

A study into the market perception and attitude toward leasing, furniture is needed to assess the viability of this business approach.” The present thesis tries to fill this knowledge gap by studying intensively the current situation in the office furniture industry and market in order to answer the questions: What are the barriers and opportunities for the implementation of Product Service Systems for furniture and what are the chances to beat these obstacles.

Secondary literature was reviewed to deliver a comprehensive overview of economic and environmental developments in the office furniture industry. In addition, this part summarizes trends and predictions on the future of office workplaces as well as existing ideas about sustainable offices. Furthermore, general guidelines for the design of service concepts and a description of existing leasing models for office furniture are included.

The second focus group, the best office furniture shop in vadodara manufacturers are companies that are well known for their high environmental commitment. The input from the environmentally committed companies seemed of interest for the study, because they could have experience with eco-design for furniture and remanufacturing. In addition, environmental oriented companies might become the pioneers to start out

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In order to fulfill the needs of all earth inhabitants in the year resource productivity must have been improved by factor. These dramatic developments made clear that more radical changes are needed in order to reach the transition towards a sustainable society. The shift towards a sustainable society needs to occur office shop in gujarat.

The research is focused on the German market. The thesis concludes that leasing is not yet a competitive business model on the German office furniture market. There exist only few companies that offer office furniture leasing. In addition, these leasing concepts are mainly financing instruments that not attempt to increase product longevity or reduce environmental impacts. The main arguments for leasing are of financial character: leasing has tax benefits, provides liquidity and offers an always up-to-date office.

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