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currently, more than people in the world cannot access energy services that are based on the efficient use of gaseous and liquid fuels, or electricity. Without this access, they rely on the burning of solid fuels to generate energy for essential daily activities such as cooking. Although this situation not only pertains to impoverished rural communities, it is within these communities and in industrializing countries like Mexico that this is occurring the most. The lack of access to efficient energy sources for cooking is closely linked to a wide range of social problems


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SK Modular Kitchen have the quality of kitchen designer in Vadodara  Baroda Gujarat India, This thesis proposes and discusses on ways to mitigate the consequences of this complex worldwide issue. This research shows that there are more sustainable cooking technologies available and that it is feasible to introduce them into rural communities. In this particular case study in two units of analysis within rural Mexico, but to a certain point, even in other rural communities around the world depending on the context of their settings.

social and economic sustainability is locally enhanced in terms of fuel consumption and human health. Environmental sustainability is enhanced globally in terms of wood fuel consumption and emissions. The adoption of a new cooking technology depends on several factors, certain phases within the innovation-decision process must be accomplished in order to be able to measure its consequences.

The overall aim of this thesis is to expose how social, economic, and environmental sustainability is enhanced by the adoption of appropriate rural cooking technology. The particular objectives concern the process of optimizing human health and the consumption of fuels for cooking within the rural families. This study proposes possible solutions to protect the human capital and the incomes of rural households. It also remarks o the consequences and advantages of adopting a more sustainable cooking technology within the Mexican rural households.

I witnessed that sometimes this activity went beyond wood, gathering to actually cutting down trees though no one was eager to admit this. When I participated in cooking, I was exposed to the smoke that is continually produced by the open fire. My personal experiences have given me a better understanding and a solid foundation from which I can approach this issue from the points of view of both, a researcher and someone who has actually been exposed to the problem in advance.

He explains that the recognition of a problem or need will stimulate research and development activities with the desire of creating new technology, later on, this basic and applied research will lead to the development of a technology that is expected to meet the needs or to solve the original problems that are driving this whole process. Through a process of commercialization which includes production, manufacturing, packing, marketing, and distribution of the new technology.

All those steps may or maybe not
part of the diffusion of new cooking technologies; this will be discussed within the analysis of this thesis. Rogers also remarks one importance of looking on how this new technology is compatible with the values, beliefs, and past experiences of the individuals in the social system, thus the diffusion of a new technology should not only be seen as a technical matter but also as a social process.

The scientific evaluation in terms of energy flows within the technologies is neither analyzed nor discussed. Albeit since the early stages of this investigation some of these problems were recognized as core issues of this whole worldwide problem it is impossible to perform such evaluations within the time frame of this research and my knowledge. At the same time, several interesting facts did derivate from each community during the research, for methodological and analytical reasons only relevant findings according to research questions will be the subject of analysis and discussion.

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In environmental situations claims of ‘ignorance’ are no longer a defence, charges and fines will be imposed plus costs on every polluter. Simple actions such as making sure sink filters are supplied and used, oil and so based products are not disposed of into waste outlets, sanitizers are not put into sinks or toilet outlets, so hand wash is done by three-stage process, i.e. soap wash, dry and sanities.

A second, significant limitation of dosing only systems is that the bacterial liquids that they dispense into the drains flow directly into the sewer system. This means that there is nothing by way of retention time to allow the bacteria to colonise within pipes. By the time the dosing liquids have reached a point within the drainage system where they can treat a retained amount of water (e.g. in a manhole or pumping station, other pipes have branched into the drain run, and more often than not transport antibacterial chemicals from hand washbasins, or harsh chemicals from floor gullies within the wastewater. These chemicals then kill or retard the bacteria making them efficient.

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